Simply link your smartphone or tablet to your push-rod camera system using your mobile network data via a Personal Hotspot and you are up and running with mina. From here you are able to use your smart device to view a livestream from your push-rod camera, create a clear digital survey drawing in the app to automatically add to your report, and even share the full & clearly formatted PDF report to your customers, instantly via email, MMS and other file sharing options!


Whether you are separated from your camera display box due to location or the size of the job, or just because you want to show your customer exactly what the problem or fix looks like in real-time, you can. Depending upon your smart device's capabilities, you could even record video to your smart device and share that to customers or colleages. With mina you can create a livestream between your camera control box to your smart device, and even have some control over the camera too!


Clearly display to the customer or colleagues where any potential problem is with a drawing created using mina. Use a Google Maps satellite overlay, digital 3D map, import blueprints or diagrams from your device or even take a photos and draw on top of it. The library of industry-standard icons make the drawing clear to understand, and providing this service on its own or as an integrated part of a mina report make it quick and simple to explain what needs to happen next!


With mina, you can leave site having delivered a complete service. The customer can have a clear and concise PDF report, with diagrams and easy-to-follow survey drawings, photos of any potential issue, and importantly, faith in the work that needs to be done. And for the user, you can provide a detailed report on site and potentially book in repair works there and then, whilst saving money on a PC-based reporting software package, and time having to process the reports!


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Mobile & tablet devices

Available to download on Apple & Android devices

Google Maps technology

Used to clearly and easily plot the key markers from the survey.

Create Drawings

Draw on top of the Google maps image and input industry recognised symbols for anything from a manhole to a toilet.

Wi-Fi enabled

Wirelessly connect your smartphone or tablet device to your Wi-Fi enabled pipeline inspection camera system to increase the functionality and survey value.

File sharing

Share your survey using any file sharing application on your smart device, including WhatsApp, email and Dropbox.

Easy to use

Simply connect and go. This application is designed to make your life easier!


No doodling required – the icons are pre-made and labelled for you. Just drag and drop them in!


When you are done simply connect to your pipeline inspection system and upload your detailed drawing directly into your survey to add clarity and detail to your survey, and stand out from the rest!


Read what customers are saying

Dave D
This is great, so quick and simple
— Dave D
Ben F
I love the maps function, this looks so professional
— Ben F
Charlie S
Having this on my phone is so convenient
— Charlie S
Drainage Engineer
Mark D
My customers absolutely loved this function
— Mark D
Drainage Surveyor


Connect your smartphone or tablet to your Wi-Fi enabled pipeline inspection system.

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